It’s Jerky Y’all: An Introduction

The mission of All Y’alls Foods is to offer more enjoyable plant-based snack food options that traditionally involved animals. Our story begins with my love of tasty jerky and closes with the delivery due date for our premier product It’s Jerky Y’all!

Growing up in Texas we almost always had jerky around keeping us company in a deer blind or on the water first thing in the morning. On Boy Scout camping trips in the Rockies while hiking or hanging around the campfire at night. My favorite has always been black pepper.

As I aged the clamp down and tear tough jerky no longer appealed to me while the hamburger style strips or greasy sticks were no more appealing. Eventually, I found a bit more tender jerky and enjoyed it until I decided a couple of years ago to never eat beef again. Having learned about our diets direct impact on our state of health including via my studies at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), I wanted to support wellness for folks and the critters too by serving plant-based foods.

I opened Farmacy Fountain in 2013, which was a Raw-vegan, organic juice and smoothie bar in a classic 1930’s soda fountain. I also made a myriad of items in the dehydrator including my famous kale chips and macaroons. The Fountain was ahead of its time and is now a great memory and was a start.

At that same time I was introduced to several styles of plant-based jerky, and while I enjoyed many of them, I did not find one with the texture and flavor I wanted. Then I began making my own and after countless batches arrived at the first three flavors of It’s Jerky Y’all, while the next four are in the works.

After working with various plant options, I landed on the best one as it is made from whole soybeans, not just parts of them and it is also non-GMO. All Y’alls Foods is grateful to present the flavors of the Lone Star State in a way that helps to begin to redefine a Texas tradition-Jerky.

We are also proud Go Texan Members and appreciate the Texas Department of Agriculture for its growing support of the program.

Soon enough you can try It’s Jerky Y’all and taste what all the fuss is about. Springtime 2018 is about to get a whole lot tastier with It’s Jerky Y’all hitting Amazon and other shelves May 21st. Retailers may contact us directly or through RangeMe. Welcome to the future of jerky Y’all!

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