Cutting out the Middle-Critter


After becoming a puppy parent, my heart grew like the Grinch’s. Then I found out they still eat dogs in 11 countries and saw photos of dogs in crates much like those housing chickens here in the US. I was livid and ready to start causing harm to people who would do that. I soon thereafter noticed my dog’s hind legs were much like a pig’s and then learned about how pigs will behave like a dog if you raise them that way … and then I realized all sentient animals are aware — oh shit.

I could no longer consume meat without thinking of how the animal lived and died, and then a trip to the zoo brought about a clarity I had never had before, and that was I could no longer eat animals. This was almost three years ago, and over time I realized all I wanted to do was to give the cows in Texas a break.

One of my state’s largest contributions to America’s and the world’s stomachs is beef. Rather than just complain I decided to change how it is and so I am. After just over a years’ worth of learning and developing the marketing and flavors, we launched It’s Jerky Y’all into a $3 billion industry.

Welcome, All Y’alls Foods, a Texas plant-based snack foods company set about to change what makes the very best jerky with our premier product It’s Jerky Y’all! We take traditional animal-involved snacks and make them tastier and from plants, cutting out the middle-critter.

We released three flavors May 21st and have four more in the works with each flavor representing a region in Texas and as the prickly pear is our state plant we use it, as we do the chipotle and pecan smoke — the state tree.

One of the reasons we exist is to support Rowdy Girl Sanctuary so a portion of each and every bag sold goes to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Angleton, Texas.

Thank you,

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